Can’t My Uncle Do My Inspection?

My uncle is a carpenter and knows a lot about buildings and construction. Why shouldn’t I have him do the home inspection? He will do it for free.

Okay, I understand. I used to do this myself. Before I was trained to do home inspections, I did several home inspections for friends and family at no cost. They asked me because I have an engineering degree and years of experience in construction. And that does help.

Now that I have done hundreds of inspections, it scares me to think of what I may have missed doing those inspections back then. Even good, experienced inspectors use a checklist because there are hundreds of things you should be checking when doing a home inspection, and it’s just impossible to remember them all.

An untrained inspector has no list, or at least an insufficient list. When you have done many inspections, you begin to see patterns and often find problems easily missed by inexperienced inspectors. See my other blog entries for some examples.

If your uncle misses just one problem, you will likely spend more on repairs than you would if you had paid a trained, experienced home inspector to look at your home. Use an experienced home inspector. Contact us for your home inspection today!

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