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Can’t My Uncle Do My Inspection?

My uncle is a carpenter and knows a lot about buildings and construction. Why shouldn’t I have him do the home inspection? He will do it for free. Okay, I understand. I used to do this myself. Before I was trained to do home inspections, I did several home inspections for friends and family at […]

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I Do Home Inspections, Too!

In Maine, you do not need a license or certification to be a home inspector. Now, I have nothing against someone delivering pizza and doing home inspections. They are probably doing the best they can to make a living. If you were hiring a home inspector, and there was one who was slightly less expensive, […]

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Home Inspection for Selling Your Home

You put your home on the market. After several showings, a potential buyer signs a contract to buy your home. It has taken a lot of time and effort to get your home ready for selling, but now it will pay off. You are excited and can plan your next move. Whether it is buying […]

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Why Have a Home Inspection if You’re Selling Your Home

No matter your situation, you want to get the most money you can from selling your home. You won’t do that if the buyer hires a home inspector who then finds problems with your home. Likely, the buyer will try to negotiate a discount on the sale price or ask you to take care of […]

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Save Money with a Home Inspection

Most home inspections save money on the inspection in improvements made by the seller before closing. Last week, I inspected a house with a bathroom on the second floor. In that bathroom was a fan over the shower. The cover was removed from the fan. There were wires exposed there. There were also interesting spots […]

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