Home Inspection for Selling Your Home

You put your home on the market. After several showings, a potential buyer signs a contract to buy your home. It has taken a lot of time and effort to get your home ready for selling, but now it will pay off.

You are excited and can plan your next move. Whether it is buying another home, downsizing, or retiring to a warmer climate. You buy a bunch of boxes and begin packing.

Then, the buyer hires a home inspector. You have lived in this home for a while. You fix the few things you know are wrong.

Will the inspector find something you overlooked?

The day comes for the inspection. Then, several days after, waiting for the inspector’s report. Finally, you hear back from your realtor, and it is not good.

The inspector did find some problems with the home. Now, the buyers are reconsidering the purchase. Everyone is upset. You are wondering what to do now since your stuff is half packed. You gave away some of your furniture already.

Now, if you had done a home inspection before you put your house on the market, you could have avoided many of these pitfalls. Any problems found by the inspector could have been fixed upfront while you had the time. If there are some things you can’t take care of, you can disclose them to buyers and adjust the price accordingly.

This makes it very difficult for a buyer to then back out once the contract is signed. That makes everything go much more smoothly, saving everyone time and money. Consider having a certified home inspector look at your home before selling it.

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