I Do Home Inspections, Too!

In Maine, you do not need a license or certification to be a home inspector. Now, I have nothing against someone delivering pizza and doing home inspections. They are probably doing the best they can to make a living. If you were hiring a home inspector, and there was one who was slightly less expensive, who happened to deliver pizza in their spare time, or another, who was a little more expensive, but who did home renovations in their spare time, wouldn’t you want the one with the home renovation experience?

Occasionally, a customer will tell me they have found a less expensive home inspector to do the inspection, usually saving only $50 – $100. If they miss one or two issues with your home due to lack of experience, and that costs you several hundred or maybe thousands of dollars down the road, are you really saving? When choosing a home inspector, find the one with the best experience.

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