Mold Testing

It is not possible from a visual inspection to be sure it is mold, only a lab test can do that. There are a variety of mold tests available. The most common test is an air sample, where air is drawn thru a sample cassette, and then this is sent to the lab for analysis. If there is visible mold, we would recommend a surface test, where a piece of tape is used to pull a sample of the mold off the surface and this is then sent to the lab for analysis. We expedite the sample to Pro-Lab and typically mold testing is turned around in 3-5 business days.

What to do if mold is found? With the help of a home inspector or contractor, figure out where the moisture is coming from and find a solution that reduces this to a level that prevents mold growth. Maybe the roof has a slight leak that is allowing some moisture in. Fixing leaks, improving attic vents such as soffit, ridge, and gable end venting, or installing a humidistat fan often reduces attic moisture. Installing proper fans and dehumidifiers in the bathrooms and basements can often take care of the problems in those areas, as well as fixing any leaks there that may be occurring. Never have bath fans that vent into the attic.

KEY POINT TO REMEMBER: Don’t let mold stop your real estate transaction from happening. Let us help you test for it, and if we find it we can help you find solutions to fix it.

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