New Faces

As busy as things got this past year, I felt we weren’t as responsive to calls requesting inspections as I would have liked. At times, I was scheduling 2 weeks out and was unable to answer the calls that came in. Although perhaps inevitable at times, I don’t like to do business that way. So we have added some help to better respond to your client’s needs:

  1. Scott Loukes. Many of you have already met Scott who started with me a couple of months back, as an inspector trainee, but has quickly developed into a great inspector. Scott originally was going to go out on his own and since he is located in Blue Hill, I initially encouraged him to do that. However, since we have formed such a great working relationship, he is now part of our group, and helps me cover that area, as well as wherever else we need to be. Scott has experience in masonry and supervising work on high end homes along the coast. Scott is an InterNACHI certified Inspector. His attitude and demeanor with the client make him a great asset.
  2. Laurel Grosjean. Laurel has become part of our group to help with the workload of doing radon and water testing. Laurel has recently been certified by the NRPP for radon testing, and is currently completing the necessary paperwork to be certified in Maine. Laurel will be of particular help with the State requirements for tenant occupied radon testing, which need to be completed by March 1st, 2014.
  3. Kate Smith. Sometimes when busy, the hardest part is to stop and take a phone call from someone who needs your services. Kate has joined us on a part time basis, to help answer those calls and to schedule appointments. She can also help you with some of those basic needs, such as getting a copy of a file or invoice, handling payments, etc. As you may have seen in a previous email, Kate will be answering our regular phone number 944-6218 at the office.

When Kate is not working, you may call the same phone number as always, and it will roll over to me, or you can call me direct at 207-951-7048. Please direct your clients to use the office number, so that they get the most responsive service.

These changes should make us able to better serve you and your clients. If there are some hiccups along the way, I apologize. As you know, any growth and change comes with a bit of adjustment.