Save Money with a Home Inspection

Most home inspections save money on the inspection in improvements made by the seller before closing. Last week, I inspected a house with a bathroom on the second floor. In that bathroom was a fan over the shower. The cover was removed from the fan. There were wires exposed there. There were also interesting spots on the ceiling, sort of red drop stains.

After getting home and reviewing the pictures and info I had taken while there, I realized that there was no vent on the exterior of the house for the fan. In other words, the fan didn’t blow the moist bathroom air outside. Well, if it didn’t go outside, where did the vent go? Since there was no attic access in this house, I couldn’t prove it, but in all likelihood, the vent went into the attic.

Now, when moist air goes into the attic, it usually condenses. Because it is colder up there than it is in the bathroom, the result is drops of water forming on the surfaces of the attic. The moisture freezes as it condenses. You get are little icicles forming on the nailheads.

Also, frozen moisture shows up on the wood. As you can imagine, all this moisture will cause damage to almost everything including the nails, the wood, the roofing materials, the insulation, etc. In addition, you often get mold forming in these areas which creates unhealthy air that can make its way back into the home.

Those red spots on the ceiling of that bathroom in the first picture? I am pretty sure those are the condensed drops of water on the ceiling surface. They are red because this house had a high iron content in the water. When the water eventually evaporated, it left red spots.

Installing the proper fan and vent over the bathroom shower would have likely fixed these problems. See how a little mistake made by the builder and unnoticed by everyone except the home inspector can make for a big problem? Also noted is the improper wiring of the fan. This was recommended to be fixed as well. Have a home inspection done before you buy to save money, time, and trouble.

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