Marcis Curtis

Marcis grew up in Dedham, Maine. During summers while attending John Bapst
Memorial High School in Bangor, he worked as a landscaper on Mt. Desert
Island and developed a deep appreciation for nature. After high school, he
went to Colorado College where he earned a BA in Political Science – a
degree which has taught him how to have great conversations with just about
anyone. After college, Marcis moved to St. Louis and worked as a carpenter
for 9 years. He started a company – Citizen Carpentry – where he specialized in historic
renovations as well as green building techniques. After 6 years as a
boss, Marcis is excited to be an InterNACHI certified home inspector with
the Perkins Home Services team, where his keen eye and easy disposition
will be put to good use. In his free time, Marcis enjoys making art,
skiing, playing soccer, and learning about ecology & insect life cycles.

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