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Well Water Testing

Private wells supply drinking water to approximately half of Maine residents. Because the EPA does not regulate well water quality, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to test to make sure their water is safe to drink. If the home you are purchasing has a well and has not been tested within the last year, we recommend having it tested before purchasing the home.

How We Test

Water samples have a very short “hold time”. They must arrive and begin processing at the lab within 24 hours from the time the sample was retrieved. Typically, we perform water testing on Monday thru Thursday only. Extra shipping fees are incurred for any water samples taken on Friday. All samples must arrive at the shipping office before 5:00pm. Our shipping office and lab are closed on holidays, so we are unable to perform water tests the day before a holiday. Sometimes water samples will fail and the well will need to be disinfected. If a retest is requested of us, we must charge additional test pricing.

Our Customer's Opinion

Thank you very much for the inspection report. This report is very thorough and well organized. We are very happy with the work of Perkins Home Inspection. Please also pass along our gratitude to Reese and Scott for all of their hard work.

-- Aaron & Melissa | Unknown

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