Why Have a Home Inspection if You’re Selling Your Home

No matter your situation, you want to get the most money you can from selling your home. You won’t do that if the buyer hires a home inspector who then finds problems with your home. Likely, the buyer will try to negotiate a discount on the sale price or ask you to take care of those problems at your cost. If you are fixing things at the last minute before closing, you are probably not doing the job well or for the best price.

Why not get a home inspection now and find out the problems that need to be fixed before a buyer demands it? Or worse yet, before a potential buyer walks away? The cost of the home inspection will likely get you a higher price when selling your home.

Put your house in the best position to sell by hiring a home inspector. Right now, Perkins Home Services, LLC, is offering a two-hour home inspection with informal recommendations for upgrades before the sale with no written report for $150.¬†For example, we’ll often find broken smoke detectors.

Maine law now requires all homes involved in a real estate transaction have working smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide detector. These are inexpensive and easy to install. Why give the buyer something else to use as an excuse to knock the price down on your home?

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